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León day 4
Thursday, 16th of March 2006

Eae Bazar
Day 4 Bazar in the morning

- Irene and Kifle presented Umea University in Sweden
- Theo presented the University of Applied Sciences in Fulda, Germany

Moderation Techniques II
Show and Tell – Moderation Techniques II
In our second session of moderation techniques with Alexandra we started with “The blue sofa”.
We all had a lot of fun playing this “Warming-up activity” (which we will copy for our classes). Then we performed  an individual brainstorm about our aims for module 3 and afterwards, we clustered our ideas in the whiteboard. To finish the class, Alexandra proposed to hava a “Flashlight” to have us expressing how satisfied we were about our moderation technique learning.

How do we continue? Preparation for module 3
Anne and Dot began their class showing us three extracts from different movies. We had to comment on what subject’s related to intercultural communication was shown in the extracts. They were actually not related to nationalities, but to aspects like social classes or gender conflicts. Then they gave us a scenario for which we needed to figure out solutions working in groups. We presented them to the rest of the class and then the moderators also offered solutions that they considered wise for that concrete scenario.
(written by Anais from Cadiz, Spain)

A day in the life of … Job Shadowing
For the afternoon, Vera had planned an activity in which we were supposed to follow Spanish people to see how their life goes on at a normal afternoon. Everybody had interesting and very different experiences to share afterwards with great excitement.
Here some personal impressions from the Job Shadowing.

Susanne from Denmark:
It was my pleasure to shadow a young English language teacher and Ph.D student, Marlén, all afternoon. First of all I was invited as a house guest for a real family lunch outside of León, in Villabalter, where we went by car. Then, we came back to the university to teach a class of international students learning English. Some of them were missing, probably because they had joined the student fiesta that was rolling right outside our windows. After some listening exercises where my afternoon fatigue was giving me a hard time, I became involved in a discussion with students which I enjoyed fully. Then we went to Marlen's office each at our PC where I felt at home online and got some work done. It was raining cats and dogs outside, and the student party was still very lively, so I was quite happy that Marlen drove me home to our hotel in the rush hour.  This afternoon gave me an impression of what it was like to be in Marlen's shoes, and I am so grateful that she was willing to share this with me.

Brigitte from Austria:
My partner was a language teacher, a colleague. First we collected her little son from school, bought some presents and brought her son to stay with his father in his office. So I got to know all family members. We then had a beer together and a chat between colleagues, women and friends to stay in contact, at I hope.

Kifle from Sweden:
I was supposed to meet Rafael, the director of international relations. He explained to me how student exchange as well as staff movement looks like. I get material on that also.
Eventually, he introduced me to the vice-president of  Business and Economics department for international relations.
The rest of the period was spent on discussing with both the Gentlemen in how and what they understand in the terms of international relations. This was a very useful meeting
I did both, my "Job Shadowing" assignment as well as got relevant information about the department of Economics and Management. We finished at the evening and Rafael walked with me to the hotel

Anais from Spain:
I “followed” Regina while she did some errands downtown and had a coffee with a friend of hers.

Theo from Germany:
I got the opportunity to join one afternoon of Senior Antonio Barrenada García. He is working at the University of León and he is an expert in the area of multimedia techniques. We visited the audiolab in the mediathek of the University and also the University press. Afterwards we went to the city to various places like the center of elderly people, where they got taught in basic computer skills and we joint one lesson of a famous flute player from of León.
It was a really nice day!

Free evening Free evening
Great Tapas evening! Great to have some time on our own. We had a lot of fun trying different Tapas and hanging around.
(witten by Anais, participant from Cadiz, Spain)