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León day 3

Poster presentation from Magdalena
The second day of our meeting starts off at the Faculty of Arts. Camino and Anabelén break the ice of the poster presentations by putting up and “unfolding” our work in front of the others. I must admit we were quite nervous, specially as we belong to the host institution and wanted to make a good impression on everyone!
We certainly hope we were able to get some facts through in order to help everyone understand when our University was born and its evolution up to this moment. After that Birgitte and Magdalena made a wonderful presentation of their home institution and managed to get through the essential key-
points as to its functioning, aims, staff members and newest activities. We certainly give Birgitte credit for trying so hard to make herself understood as she had lost her voice!!

Worksession "Moderation Techniques"
Participants’ first session of the day also took place in the Faculty of Arts. We worked there with Alexandra until our coffee break and enjoyed a very interesting worksession on moderation techniques. We found the tasks particularly motivating as we put some of these techniques in practice ourselves before reflecting on them from our “teacher-side”. Hence, we all thought they were very useful for our own classes!

Worksession focused on stereotypes
After our coffee-break we had what I believe was the most amusing session yet! We focused on stereotypes with Simone and expressed out loud what each of us thought were typical stereotypes of the other participants’ countries. It was very funny, as well as ilustrating, and we came to some interesting conclussions concerning the size, location, proximity, political "weight" and power of countries as modulating factors for such stereotypes. We all promised to keep on speaking terms with each other after the session… no matter what had been said about our countries!!
Wednesday, 15th of March 2006

Session about "Group Dynamics"
The last session on Wednesday morning focused on group dynamics with Indre and Vera. Starting from a very personal point of view, concerning personal experiences of each of the participants, we reached interesting conclusions about what we thought to be the strongest and the weakest points of our team-work before our meeting in León, and we also forwarded some aims and expectations we hope to fulfill in order to improve our work in groups after this week. Our main objective would be to develop a strong feeling of really belonging to a group!
(written by Anabelén, a participant of pilot course 2)