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Short Video from Anne Fox, Grenaa Handelsskole, Denmark
Anne Fox from the Grenaa Handelsskole

Participating Institution:
Grenaa Handelsskole
, Kursus Center, Denmark
Kursus Center,

an adult training centre for employees and the unemployed, is a department of Grenaa Handelsskole, a business college for young people. The institution is based in Aarhus Amt. It is a ”Selvejende institution”, an independent public-sector organisation with 135 employees (114 full-time equivalents). There are about 1030 learners at present.
The institution has participated in a LINGUA project on intercultural competence (ending 1995). Currently, the institution is in charge of the project management of a Social Fund project providing training and work placement to disabled people. There is a project application in train for Leonardo funding to internationalise the above project for the disabled.


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