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TC Pilot Course 2 -Approaches to Intercultural Understanding

Time Spiral of the pilot course 2:

Time spiral of the pilot course 2 - see description on the left side
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Informations for the participants of pilot course 2

The pilot course 2 starts 14 October 2005 with:

Module 1, "International Campus: Think of your experience as a treasure box! "

Module 1 contains seven units, these units are:
Unit 1: Welcome to moodle campus
Unit 2: This is how we do things at home
Unit 3: Do you really only use Windows here?
Unit 4: Is there method behind this madness?
Unit 5: What would they say back home?
Unit 6: You won't believe what happened!
Unit 7: Better not forget my toothbrush

Module 2, "Intercultural Encountes: Think of your learning as a journey! "

Module 2 contains two units, these units are:
Unit 8: ICC principles into practice
Unit 9: Adult education methodology and didactics

Module 3, "Intercultural Classroom: Think of your lesson as an experiment! "

Module 3 contains two units, these units are:
Unit 10: Planning an ICC module for my classroom
Unit 11: Testing ICC modules in my classroom

The project uses the platform “Moodle” (open source software) as a web based learning environment, which exceeded the expectations of coordinators concerning its offers on tools and services and its ease of use.
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