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Vilnius 2005 Travelogue, Day 5

Friday, 27th of May 2005
Friday morning:

teamwork with moodle, Thomas is explaining the
teamwork with moodle, Thomas is
explaining the "group function" to the

During the final session on Friday morning, the participants gave feedback on the course structure, contents, Module 1 and 2, tutors' and moderators' roles, the Moodle, their own learning process etc.

Each workgroup got also an introduction to the subgroups in the Moodle, how they work and they took a picture of each Workgroup to give an identity to each of these subgroup-Forums.
At the end, Alexandra wrapped up the whole week and clarified the
coonnections between the teacher training sessions here and the units in Module 1.
I take with me... and I leave behind:
Both participants and project partners gave an anonymous feedback on our Vilnius week.

In the evening, we will have our farewell party, first an International festival and a concert in a park in the centre of Vilnius and a final dinner and we are all really looking forward to it.
(by Simone Schlüter)

Previous Day
A very nice spring started today in Lithuania . The good weather gave us a good start to the day.
At nine o'clock we were all in room 215 to start on the topic that we had work on in small groups throughout this week: “My values- your values”. It was very dynamic and amusing and we realized how we feel when talking with people who have or have not got the same values as us and how we behave in such situations.

My values- your values workshop
My values- your values workshop

At the end of the activity there was a very nice activity where we explained what positive things we had to say about the other participants, writing it on a piece of paper stuck to their back.

After a great cup of tea, Alexandra took us through an overiew of Module 1 in order to be able to evaluate it. The evaluation lasted one hour and at the same time the teams for Module 3 had a small meeting with Thomas and Theo to give us final instructions about working with moodle.
And at the end of the morning all of us, partners and participants prepared feedback on our week on Vilnius and we had to reflect on what we will take with us and what we leave behind.
All of us take a small piece of the others now.
The week is over. Thank you very much to all of you!
(by Maria del Carmen Moro)

Friday afternoon report (Mara)

Some of us were shopping , bying Lithuanian amber for themselves and the friends and the family. Indre had invited us all to the folk festival „Skamba skamba kankliai ” in the Sereikiškes park. The weather was ideal: sunny and not too hot. The park was full of people walking around, sitting on the grass, on the banks of the river or on the benches in front of the stage. Some where talking, some where eating and drinking, some where flying original sticks with propellers (it turned out that lots project partners and participants had bought them). Most of them looked excited and enjoying the songs, especially when the expressive folk-rock group „Žalvarinis” was on the stage. There was magnetic magics in the songs and movements of the group, something similar to what I have experienced during the Midsummer Night, when I forget about everything else and feel some archetypical union with nature and people around me, when I want to dance and sing.

final evening; concerts a Sereikiskes Park
final evening; concerts a Sereikiskes Park

After the concert we all met at the tower in front of the cathedral. While waiting for everybody to arrive, we were playing with a toy for adults – the stick with a propeller. Andrea demonstrated great mastery in flying the stick and inspired more and more volunteers to join. The play became so heated and the players so deeply involved in the process that the stick fell on the other side of the fence around the tower. Oh, what now? Fairwell to the stick? No, we have brave heroes among us! Jesus was climbing the fence and returned the stick with a propeller safely in the hands of the thankful owner. By this time everybody had arrived and we went to the restaurant together. In the restaurant Alexandra gave us small cards to write our wishes to other project partners and participants. Oh, how delighted we felt receiving the cards! Then ... hugs and smiles and saying farewell to the ones who leave early in the morning next day. And wishing that our ways cross some day and we see each other again!

Panorama of Vilnius
panorama of Vilnius