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Vilnius 2005 Travelogue, Day 2
Tuesday, 24th of May 2005
Beate, Carlos and Andrea
Maria, Carlos and Lydia discussing
about group dynamics
8: 15 Breakfast : sat together with Bea and Andrea. Chatted about plans for the summer.
Bea: Madrid;
Andrea: Spain (Costa Brava?).

9:00 European Bazaar : Presented by: Mara, University of Latvia; Arancha and Carmen
University of Leon; Malin, University of Umea. Video shown by Arancha and Carmen displayed the teaching of “culture in small case letters“. Mara`s PPT presentation had to be postponed due to time constraints.

9: 50 Interlude: Alexandra informs about preparations for Module#3. Three groups.

10:00 You` re not on your own : Bea and Vera moderate activity aroud group dynamics and different phases of their development. Reflection on groups we belong to and their up and down sides.

Group development, Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing Group discussion

11:50 Coffeebreak
: the temperature and humidity in the room begin to reach tropical levels. There`s talk of continuing the proceeds in shorts or underwear. I like the idea for logical reasons.

12:00 YNOYO resumed: Group discussion around the topic of taking part in TC.
Questions to consider:
1. How did the virtual phase of the project affect our group dynamics and
2. Teacher`s role in the classroom and dealing with “difficult“ students.
Caricature: the classroom as a zoo. The monkey and the giraffe.

1:00 Lunch Theo`s camera begins to melt as the temperature in the room takes flight.

The evening
What an amazing evening
The project partners arrived at the Grisgiskes culturas centras at 7 p.m. The institution is situated about 15 km from Vilnius and is the cultural centre of a district with a very mixed population of 12.000 inhabitants. The building was not that attractive at the first glance and we were astonished to find a huge entrance hall and an unexpected theatre with a huge stage and tremendous red curtains.

visiting concert of Grigiskes Etnokluturos centras groups visiting concert of Grigiskes Etnokluturos centras groups
visiting concert of Grigiskes Etnokluturos centras groups; improving our dance abilities



The room was crowded with Lithuanian people of all ages from 4 to 84. We were led to the front rows of the theatre and very soon the red curtains were opened and a group of young musicians started to play Lithuanian folkmusic. More than 20 children appeared o the stage, dressed in beautiful original Lithuanian costumes. For nearly two hours we were entertained by a beautiful programme of folk dancing, in which the participants were partly integrated. In the end two groups performed some modern marvellous dances. All of us were very impressed at how professional all those taking part were. After the concert we were invited by the head of the centre, the representative of the municipality and the organizers of the concert to spend some more time with them. As well as a delicious buffet we had interesting talks, some additional practice in Lithuanian dancing and singing. Special thanks to Indre, who gave us the chance to get a deep impression on one part of Lithuanian culture.

Andrea is talking to one of the dancers

written by Andrea Pohlmann-Jochheim
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Andrea is talking to one of the dancers