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Teaching Culture! DOs and DON’Ts

These DOs and DON’Ts were proposed and approved on 5 May 2004.
Thank you for keeping them in mind for our project.
Guidelines for project work proceedings

Feedback: If you present material to the whole group via email, ask for specific comments. Name the people you would like to get feedback from in the subject line of your email and give a deadline. People not specifically asked for feedback can, but don’t have to comment.

Group agreement: There are no comments on material presented to the group until the deadline, we assume agreement.

Discussing other people’s work: When commenting on other people’s work, don’t criticize what’s bad. Rather, highlight what’s good and continue working on these aspects. Points not mentioned will simply fall away after some time.

Criticism: Only give constructive criticism. If you want a product changed, make an alternative suggestion.

Preparation for meetings: As preparation for meetings, work package-leaders should send a short “state of the art”-report. Reading the reports is obligatory reading as preparation for meetings for everybody.

Help for work package-leaders: As work package-leader, activate your assistants off the list when working on a work package. Involve all partners via the list when you’ve reached a new step of your work package (new version of a written text, new websites uploaded etc.)

Alexandra Haas