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Moodle Learning Platform:

Moodle is an internet-based platform to support courses e.g. in universities Concerning the learning platform for the “interaction stage” of the project,
the project consortium decided to use the open-source platform “moodle”.

The decision is based on the following main reasons:

•  the platform is open-source software, i.e. there are no license costs
•  there are a number of users already using the platform
•  the platform is based on a standard database (mySQL), i.e. it is possible to install the platform at standard
•  the platform is easy to use and to administrate (enrollment of participants, adaption of layout etc.)
•  it offers very useful components in a modular way, such as
•  a weekly course outline
•  a forum with Email notification (depending on subscription)
•  a group calendar
•  wikis (supporting collaborative work on documents)
•  chat

More about moodle at the developers page,
on the right side on this page you can find a very short
description about the
moodle system.

Screenshot of the TeachingCulture moodle, klick to enlarge in new window
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