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Participating Institution: VHS Köln – Cologne adult education centre, Germany

Short Video from Andrea left: Andrea Pohlmann-Jochheim
right: Beate Blüggel

The Volkshochschule Köln is a communal institution for adult education. In legal terms, the institution is a non-profit public institution under the umbrella of the Cologne city administration.
Courses and events are open to everybody from the age of 15.

The areas the courses belong to are:

political education, history, law, natural sciences, health education, the arts, culture, media science, language, vocational training, school leaving exams, and courses for vocational qualification.

There are 68 staff who are responsible for planning, organising, and administering ca. 7,000 courses per year. The courses are held by about 2,000 free lance teachers. More than 65,000 participants are qualified through these courses every year.
VHS Cologne is the second largest institution of its kind in Germany. It has a long tradition of teacher development for teachers of VHS Cologne as well as co-operational projects with other Volkshochschulen (e.g. Rhein-Sieg) and the head organisation of North Rhine Westphalia. Therefore the institution has excellent contacts to teachers of other institutions working in the field of (inter-) cultural education.