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Kick-off-weekend Seminar in Remagen:
“Managing Cultural Diversity”


For the participants:
In this seminar students learn to apply theoretical communication
models to international professional encounters in a network
society. They will be encouraged to find co-operative, friendly
responses to intercultural challenges.
At the end of the seminar students will be able to recognise,
analyse, and describe these intercultural challenges in face-to-face
situations and in virtual communities and adapt their own
behaviour accordingly. They will be able to describe their own cultural
backgrounds and point out differences to other cultures.
Students will develop techniques to exploit cultural diversity as a benefit for a company or institution.

For the trainers:
For the trainers from 4 different countries this seminar is intended to provide a platform for an exchange of ideas, positions and concepts, to promote awareness and improve the handling of intercultural situations in business, education and virtual communities.

Students are trained to perceive cultural differences and act accordingly. The intercultural competence gained is both “culture-general” and “culture-specific”. Theoretical insights into different working styles, different perceptions of time, different religions, different education styles and virtual communities are applied in exercises and in simulations. Students acquire the skills to master difficult intercultural communications problems such as those that arise in international business situations. On Saturday morning students can take part in an optional Institutional TOEFL test.

Teaching method:
The entire seminar will be held in the English language. The focus will be on interactive teaching methods which will give students the chance to learn about the theory of intercultural communication and media literacy and put their newly-acquired knowledge into practice in simulations. Theory and practice will be interlaced and students will have to take an active part in role plays and discussions.

Participants of the workshop Alexandra, Nicole
Participants of the workshop                                 Alexandra, Nicole

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