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Events > Intercultural Fair, VHS Rhein-Sieg
The "Intercultural Fair" takes place in Siegburg / Germany at September 17, 2006

The final weekend of the Teaching Culture! started with an International Project Party on Saturday,
16 September 2006.

During the Teaching Culture! Intercultural Fair, the project partners gave project presentations of Teaching Culture and teaching sessions about Nonverbal Communication, Team effort, Tools for trainers, Culture shocks, European stereotpyes etc.
The athmosphere during the Intercultural fair was very good and the participants really enjoyed the whole day. The "Intercultural Fair" offered workshops, both in English and German.
For the full programme, please go to the flyer.

Besides the workshops there were some ongoing activities:
participants of the pilot courses has presented their results;
- the participants learned something about Moodle, the online course environment;
- the participants got the possibility to learn more about methods and tools for "Intercultural Exchange" online. 

Intercultural Exchange online
(Thomas Berger presented the "Intercultual Exchange Online" activity)
Click on the picture to download the event flyer.

Click to download the flyer as a .pdf file

Venu / Veranstaltungsort
Studienhaus der VHS Rhein-Sieg
Humperdinckstr. 27
D-53721 Siegburg
Google Map which shows the VHS
This Google Map shows the the Way