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Intercultural Lectures at the first project meeting at Achill

(Anne Fox)

Lecture 3 - Seeing Things

Anne Fox presented eight pictures from Denmark showing typical contemporary themes from this country.
The group shortly discussed the contents and Anne gave additional information about habits and traditions, for example, the mid-summer fire and the fact that Danish people really like “fire”: candle-light at each meal, campfire in all possible situations, the rate of Danish smokers, number two in Europe.

To do some practice the participants of the lecture were asked to show or to paint 5 to 10 objects, showing their perceptions of their culture. 4 teams (2 German, 1 Swedish, 1 German-Spanish) were built and the results were presented. All members agreed, that this method is very useful to get a grip on the theme “stereotypes”, to start with oneself, have discussions among those belonging to one’s own culture and intercultural talks as well and to interpret stereotypes cross culturally. Furthermore it is necessary to discuss the assessment of stereotypes.
by Andrea Pohlmann-Jochheim