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Projekt Meeting at Achill Island (Ireland / Mayo) 9 - 13 February 2004

Daily Timetable, 9 to 12 o'clock Project meeting, 12 to 13 o'clock Lunch, 13 to 14 Intercultural lectures
  by different project partners, 14 - 17.30, Workshops, project meetings, 17.30 - Dinner and social programme

The first project meeting of “Teaching Culture!” took place on Achill Island in Western Ireland, hosted by our Irish partner Sean Cannon.
During our one week stay, we held project meetings during the mornings. Each partner presented concepts and first results concerning their work packages.
Furthermore, we used our first face-to-face meeting to test concepts for the Teacher Training in Intercultural Awareness we are developing. In the afternoons, each partner held an “Intercultural Lecture”, trying out interactive and learner-centred approaches in Intercultural Awareness Training.
The Lectures were documented and filmed, both to evaluate our approach and to turn single units into interactive video material for the online Teacher Training course.
an overview about lectures and the social programme -

The TeachingCulture Team
Teaching Culture! project partners:
Andrea Pohlmann-Jochheim, Simone Schlüter, Pat Shrimpton, Indre Cesnakauskaite, Alexandra Haas, Vera Colwell, Dot Aström, Lili Wilson, Thomas Berger, Anne Fox, Sean Cannon, (knealing) Andreas Faulstich, Laurent Borgmann